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Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization or social networking promoting is the procedure of producing attention through different online networking systems and stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedln.
Online networking streamlining expands mindfulness around a business, brand, item or administration — as well as enhancing the engagement with your intended interest group, creating more leads, prospects and clients.

Why is Social Media Optimization necessary?

Social media is a fast growing space in online marketing as more and more people connect with each other, communicate and share thoughts and feelings about businesses, brands, products and services through status messages, likes, tweets,links, photos, and videos.

Our SMO Process:

Social Creation: Includes page creation, site design or re-design, and site optimization.

Capabilities include: posting to multiple networks, content library, lead searches, reputation searches & access to reporting metrics.

Invite Email Contacts: We will upload any list of email contacts (Excel, Word, or text file) to your social networks to help build a following.

Custom Content Calendar: Our expert team will curate content and create a schedule based on optimal times to post for YOUR business.

Like Campaign: We will manage an advertising campaign on Facebook designed to generate “Likes” to your Facebook page, targeting users that fit your desired demographics.

Facebook Promoted Posts: Based on specific metrics, our team will select top performing posts to boost in your audience’s newsfeed to help generate interest, engagement, and followers.

Reputation Monitoring: Monitor your web presence and conversations about your brand around the web to build trust, address and improve your online reputation.

Custom Facebook Ads: We take Facebook Ads to the next level, utilizing custom graphics and more sophisticated targeting options.

Monthly Consultation: Review the monthly events/posts for your business and have all of your social questions answered with our expert team.

Active Lead Search: We will proactively spend time searching for and connecting with people talking about your business.

Custom Graphics. When appropriate, our team will create custom visual content that will enhance messaging and/or help promote any special events or sales you would like to feature on your social sites.

Weekly Updates/Posts: Number of posts will vary depending on the customers plan.

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