Finance in Delhi , In India, Grasp Infotech


Grasp’s finance and accounting portal helps you to maintain Company records for product sales and analysis and allows you to improve inventory levels, automates billing process and sales/purchase analysis for making good relationships with customers.

The Financial Services Industry is affected by the growing population of technology-savvy and prosperous customers and facing the competition of providing innovative products and making effective use of resources with a view to minimize costs and risks and maximize profits.

Our Finance & Accounting software solution is an on the whole solution for managing all financial and accounting transactions of any organization. The module provides password protected authentication to prevent from unauthorized data access and is highly customizable as per client’s requirements and policies.

Our developers have developed perfect solutions for different accounting and financial needs of businesses and individuals.




  • Accounts Management
  • Book Keeping
  • Tax computation – VAT, TDS etc.
  • Audit Management
  • Loan Management
  • Payroll Management
  • leave Management
  • Online report sharing
  • Vouchers Entry Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration